La Solana Ware

"La Solana"
Laguna Beach label
"Solana Ware" was first made in Laguna Beach, California by La Solana Pottery Shop in the late 1940s. In the 1950s production moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. It was made there until the 1960s. The company made two dinnerware lines: one that is featured here (in white, yellow, rose, green and blue); and a rare double-textured line that featured glazed tops and unglazed bottoms.Nothing is known about the designer of the lines, or additional details of the company. "La Solana"
Scottsdale label

A big THANKS to Peggy Sullivan who provided me the following listing from the book
"U.S. MARKS ON POTTERY, PORCELAIN & CLAY" (Lois Lehner, 1988):

La Solana Potteries, Inc./Bergstrom and French. 1946 to present (1985).

The factory was located in Mesa, Arizona. The pottery had its early beginning in Glendale, California, in 1946 until 1953 as Bergstrom and French, makers of ovenware. By January 1954, the business was relocated in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the offices are still located with the factory in Mesa. At present, La Solana Potteries, Inc. is listed making earthenware dinnerware, pitchers, tumblers, mugs, cups and saucers, microwave oven-to-table casseroles, serving pieces, bean pots, salad bowls, etc. In 1953, they were listed for ovenware and casual living earthenware. Mark 1 was filed for registration May 14, 1951, for use on flower pots, jardinieres, hanging baskets, birdbaths, ornamental jars, ovenware, casseroles, bean pots, salad bowls, pitchers, relish dishes, shakers, etc. claiming first use of the mark September 15, 1947. No. 2, 3 shown in directories for La Solana Potteries after 1954.

My searches of telephone and other directories show that "La Solana" is no longer to be found in the Phoenix metro area (which includes Scottsdale and Mesa). If the factory was still operating in 1988 -- as this entry suggests -- it must have closed very soon thereafter. CGM

Salt and Pepper / yellow
[photo credit A]
Cup / blue [C] Sugar Creamer / green
Salad / Soup /
Breakfast Bowl / blue [C]
Plates: Dinner and Salad / blue [C]
Condiment Bottle / green [B] Utility Jar / green [B]
Covered Casserole / green [C] Low Baker / Celery Dish / yellow [C] 1/2 pint Covered Casserole with Handle / blue

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