Painting by Roberta Hancock
to accompany my article "Swimming Lesson"
Az Style (Arizona Republic) April 1999
(c) Robert Hancock, all rights reserved
By Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

I was one of those kids always noodling with words, writing nonsense stories and animal adventures. I got a serious case of the word flu when I was asked to write an article for my high school newspaper. It's a disease from which I have yet to recover.

In the intervening years, my work has appeared in daily newspapers, monthly magazines, extensively on radio and the occasional dalliance with television. I have written advertising copy and radio commercials -- I continue to write, write, write.

Also featuring my byline are
  • Sarah & Gerald a novel about two Americans living in Paris right after the first world war. Read a sample.
  • Mama Cat a book for children about where cats go when they die. Read a sample.

Also, several short stage plays, a few radio plays and a boatload of radio documentaries.

I am currently working on my first science-fiction novel about a world where everyone is happy and everything is perfect.

Here is a partial listing of the avenues which have featured my work:

Albuquerque Monthly
Arizona Highways
Arizona Living
Los Angeles
Wildlife Conservation
KFYI (Phoenix) Documentary producer
KKFR (Phoenix) Host "Power Source"
KJZZ (Mesa) Reporter
KPFK (Los Angeles) Reporter
KTAR (Phoenix)
KXCI (Tucson)
Arizona Republic
Phoenix Gazette
Scottsdale Progress
Az Style (The Arizona Republic)
The Rep (The Arizona Republic)
Arizona Business Gazette
North Valley This Week
Scottsdale Life
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