Pets with their heads in bags of food!

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Eames, our cat in Phoenix
whose antics inspired me
to start this web site.

See Eames in our children's book "Mama Cat"!

Eames died in May 2006, from kidney failure brought on by diabetes. Read more about feline diabetes here.

Eero, a cat in Phoenix
sent in by Christopher

Ivan, a cat in Johnson City (TN)
sent in by Rae

Vinnie, a rabbit in Sherman Oaks
sent in by Lesley

Hemi, a cat in Texas
sent in by Dianne

Wilson, a cat in Durham (NC)
sent in by Jatovi

Apollo, a cat in Springfield (MO)
sent in by Sarah

Barnie, a cat in Somerville (MA)
sent in by David

Suzy, a hedgehog in California
sent in by Nicolas

Henry, a cat in Wisconsin
sent in by Wendy

Wilson, a cat in St. Louis (MO)
sent in by Melon

Colby, a dog in Gresham (OR)
sent in by Cherise

Oreo, a cat in Ontario, Canada
sent in by Angie

Tonks, a hamster in Massachusetts
sent in by Virginia

Zakk, a cat in Studio City
sent in by Shane

Bianca, a cat in Austria
Sent in by Gudrun

Roscoe, a cat in Naperville (IL)
sent in by Steve

Igor, a cat in Manila
sent in by Myla

Erasmus, a cat in England
sent in by Scott

Salem, a cat in Austria
sent in by Anna

Struppi, a cat in Germany
sent in by Britta

Liffey, a cat in Vienna
sent in by Cilli

Barney, a dog in Perrysburg (OH)
sent in by Sue

Porkchop, a dog in St. Louis (MO)
sent in by Larissa

Unknown Pygmy Goat at the
Maricopa County Fair, Phoenix

Ray, a cat in Oakland
sent in by Bruce

Ani, a cat in Seattle
sent in by Nate

Cisco, a ferret in Boise
sent in by Fidel

Trey, a dog in Phoenix
sent in by Helen

Benny, a cat in Canada
sent in by Mary Jane

Mookie, a dog in Texas
sent in by Matt

Oolong, a rabbit in Japan

Mina, a cat in Christiansburg (VA)
sent in by Cynthia

I want your funny pic of a pet
sticking its head in a bag of food!
Email me at cgm95 (at) !
[Please try to keep the pic size below 200k. Thanks!]

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