The Dura Company Toledo, Ohio

Hood ornament, 1937.

Little information has been found about The Dura Company. Contemporary sources have proven rare and elusive; primary research I have done has uncovered little. Founded in 1922, we know it existed until at least circa 1968 or 1969. One source told me the company originally created chrome auto parts; and moved into decorative items in the 1930s. Dura was part of the war effort in the 1940s, making cones for bombs. It is known that esteemed designer Helen Dryden was, at one point, the art director of the company. Based on designs she did for other companies, I think it likely the items on this page were done during her tenure at The Dura Company. [A link to more about Dryden will be found below.] Below is a small sampling of items manufactured by The Dura Company. At the time, they were distributed by G.A. Soden and Co, Chicago. These items are all very rare and many are not marked. They are most often made of "Dura Metal" (like chrome) and bakelite.

More about Helen Dryden

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Vases. Five colors available.

Cigarette Box. Many finials found.

Frame. One of several styles.

Clock cases. Many styles were made for Westclox.

Coaster Set. Available in different colors.

Bridge companion. Several animals found.*

Corkscrew. Penguin.

Bottle Opener. Donkey.

Bottle Stopper.

Electric Candle case for Eveready.

Many of the Dura items I have found include an animal figure.
Here is a listing of animals I have located:

Elephant (2)
Mountain Goat
Penguin (2)
Polar Bear
See all the animals!

*Some of these elephants have been found marked "Japan" or a variation thereof.
It is believed these were made after the proper "Dura" period, from the same molds.

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